Issue: December 27, 2012

Work. It seems to be killing us with stress-related diseases and injuries, while advancing technology is making it easier for us to work longer while being paid less for it. And that's just for the people who have jobs. There's an entirely different set of problems for those who don't. In this week's feature, Bill Ivey, author of Handmaking America: A Back-to-Basics Pathway to a Revitalized American Democracy, offers some insights on the nature of our relationship to work—and what it will take to turn our work into a meaningful and sustainable economy.

In Frontlines, Dave Kempa writes about the TRUST Act, sponsored by state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. The point is simple: Immigration policy is not working, and California will not take part in a broken system. Also in Frontlines, Kempa takes a look at how assault weapons are registered in Sacramento County, while Greg Lucas suggests that lawmakers ought not think they're all that smart, and Cosmo Garvin takes a few more Bites at City Councilmember Allen Warren and the mayor's idea of transparency.

It's a great time to be a boozehound in Sacramento, thanks to the annual cocktail week in August and an increasingly interconnected network of artisan bartenders. In this week's Arts&Culture feature, SN&R's resident drink expert, Becky Grunewald, dares local bartenders to mix up a glass of boozy excitement—just in time for ringing in the New Year. In Music, Rachel Leibrock interviews John Lee Hooker Jr., and we've got 8Gigs ready to go for you.

You don't need to break your nest egg—or the bank—to ring in the New Year in style. Try SN&R's Sweetdeals: