Hyde Park on Hudson

Rated 2.0

In director Roger Michell's film, from Richard Nelson's script, Bill Murray shunts his old familiar charm into the role of the polio-stricken POTUS who also played around. It's that summer weekend in 1939 when, with English royals visiting for the first time and worrying over war and wiener etiquette, Franklin D. Roosevelt's fifth-cousin mistress finally wised up to his philandering. She's played by Laura Linney as a mousy dullard, who also narrates. Forgoing real intimacy and filling up on dead air instead of humor or tension, this is a much too dainty affair, so obviously aimed at the audience for The King's Speech as to include a supporting role for that film's protagonist (played commendably here by Samuel West). Other women in FDR's life include his mother (Elizabeth Wilson), his personal secretary (Elizabeth Marvel) and his wife (Olivia Williams), yet more sharp actors mired in dull circumstances.