The Guilt Trip

Rated 3.0

An inventor (Seth Rogen), off on a cross-country road trip to try to interest retailers in his latest invention, impulsively invites his mother (Barbra Streisand) to come along, hoping to reunite her with a long-lost sweetheart when they reach San Francisco. The movie appears to have undergone some post-production tampering (witness the many scenes from the preview trailer that didn't wind up in the finished picture), but the final result is comfy and enjoyable. Dan Fogelman's script has a gentle, low-key humor that meshes nicely with Streisand and Rogen's easy screen rapport, and Anne Fletcher's unobtrusive direction makes it all go down smoothly. Few surprises, but no glaring mistakes along the way, either. Colin Hanks, Nora Dunn, Adam Scott and Ari Graynor contribute thankless but nicely turned cameos.