Sat., Dec. 29, Turquoise Jeep

Ace of Spades, 7 p.m., $15

With the highly choreographed dance moves of a mid-'90s boy band and lyrics that would make R. Kelly want to trap himself back in the closet, the comedy hip-hop artists of Turquoise Jeep Records have carved themselves a niche. Unsatisfied with standard creative parameters, Jeep members Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamcallit struck out to create their own genre, EMB (existing musical beings), and label, Turquoise Jeep Records, to support it in 2009. Three years later, the group has come to represent a unique brand of ironic and obscene lyrical hooks paired with an abundance of fake facial hair that's rocketed YouTube videos such as “Smang It” to more than 10 million hits. 1417 R Street,