Fri., Dec 31, New Jack Fling

Midtown BarFly, 9 p.m., $7-$10

Photo By photo by riq hebert

I know you're itching to bust out stonewashed jeans and a sexy red Members Only jacket on NYE. You know, the outfit that got you laid 20 years ago. Don't front, you're in luck: DJ Epik (pictured) and CrookOne's New Jack Fling will rewind with a night of hip-hop, R&B and tunes from 1988-'93. That's uptempo, dance-friendly De La Soul and Teddy Riley beats and the like, plus small flourishes like In Living Color on TVs, etc. “As a DJ who grew up in that era,” Epik told SN&R, “it's one of my most enjoyable nights behind the wheels.” And a happy deejay is a happy party. 1119 21st Street,