Issue: January 03, 2013

Election night 2012 saw Colorado and Washington residents push marijuana out of the closet. Now that the weed is freed in two Western states, will California be the next state to legalize? In this week's feature, SN&R contributor David Downs takes a look at what we know about legalization and what we've learned from Colorado and Washington to make a few educated guesses about the future of marijuana in the laid-back state.

In Frontlines, SN&R staff writer Raheem F. Hosseini looks into what seems like an increase in female-on-male domestic violence. Is this a real trend, or is it just that men are more likely to call the police than they once were? Also, Michael Montgomery writes about what will happen now that prisoners convicted under “three strikes” can petition for re-sentencing.

And in Arts&Entertainment, SN&R gets your backside covered with workout and nutrition tips to help bust through that lazy winter hibernation. Contributor Steph Rodriguez talks to Sacramento fitness, health, and beauty experts about how to bust out of the post-holiday blahs. In Music, Rodriguez interviews vocalist Victor Salaza of The Left Hand.

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