Jack Reacher

Rated 3.0

An ex-military cop (Tom Cruise) pops in to investigate the case against a killer sniper and finds things are not quite as open-and-shut as they seem. Lee Child's series of novels (in this case, One Shot) makes a surprisingly good fit for Cruise, even though the books' Reacher is bigger and blonder. But if this turns into a franchise (is Cruise getting tired of Mission: Impossible?), writer-director Christopher McQuarrie (or whoever comes after) would be wise to pick up the pace on the next picture: At 130 minutes, this one threatens to wear out its welcome. Fortunately, Cruise's movie-star charisma is well-deployed, the plot is engaging and the action scenes smoothly mounted. Rosamund Pike plays the accused killer's lawyer, Richard Jenkins plays her district-attorney father, and David Oyelowo plays the lead cop on the case.