What a pair

ILLUSTRATION BY priscilla garcia

Emily Baime and Darin Michaels of Community Tap and Table are equal parts caterers, tour guides and ambassadors of pairing great food with great beer. They are also gracious hosts and tutors, opening up their kitchen and beer cellar for various cooking classes (starting at $65 per person). These tutorials are planned down to the minute details, yet there is also a laid-back, dinner-party vibe, allowing guests to choose their own participation level. Hands-on foodies can assist in meal preparation with Baime, while hands-off beer guzzlers crack brews with Michaels and wait for the dinner pairings to be produced. Among the highlights: roasted raisin chocolate paired with Drake’s Brewing Company’s Jolly Rodger American Barleywine and Mexican-hot-chocolate-glazed doughnuts perfectly offset by the spice of Telegraph Brewing Company’s Winter Ale. www.communitytapandtable.com.

Beer: Baby Tree (Belgian quadrupel)
Brewer : Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project
Where : Taylor's Market, 2900 Freeport Boulevard; (916) 443-6881; www.taylorsmarket.com

Beer: Organic Gingerbread Ale
Brewer : Bison Brewing
Where : Alley Katz, 2019 O Street; (916) 442-2682; www.facebook.com/alleykatzpubngrub

Beer: Trappist Westvleteren 12 (Belgian quadrupel)
Brewer : Brouwerij Westvleteren
Where : Good luck!