Only reason to visit Folsom?


Samuel Horne’s Tavern packs a lot of beer into its cramped Old Folsom location, and its storage space has apparently reached its limit. Earlier this month, my first-ever pilgrimage to the three-year-old tavern happily coincided with a clearance sale of bottles pushed out by new arrivals. Beers from Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Jester King Craft Brewery and Jolly Pumpkin went for five bucks or less, and among other prizes, I scored a bottle of Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project’s Babayaga. This “sylvan stout” pours an opaque black with a nose of coffee and black licorice, and a tongue of coffee and a bitter-chocolate ending with a curious spice finish. The tavern plans to hold one of these refrigerator clear-outs every month or two, so check its Facebook page for details. Samuel Horne’s Tavern, 719 Sutter Street in Folsom; (916) 293-8207;

Beer: Smoking Wood (rye-whiskey barrel aged)
Brewer: The Bruery
Where: Taylor’s Market, 2900 Freeport Boulevard; (916) 443-6881;

Beer: Peach Porch Lounger
Brewer: New Belgium Brewing
Where: Nugget Markets, various locations;

Beer: Allagash Fluxus 2012 (Belgian strong pale ale)
Brewer: Allagash Brewing Company
Where: Samuel Horne’s Tavern, 719 Sutter Street in Folsom; (916) 293-8207;