Issue: October 13, 2011

Dear SN&R reader!

In this week's feature, who better to ask about nuclear energy than people who live with the Fukushima disaster every day? Writer Michelle Magdalena Maddox stepped off a train in the Japanese coastal town of Ishinomaki, and took a

giant leap of faith. The photographer carried only an umbrella and her camera bag, loaded with a Canon 5D digital camera, a medium-format Hasselblad, rolls of film, a light meter and a change of underwear. After a quick bowl of ramen

at the train station, she set out to find locals to answer a single question a friend had helped her craft in Japanese and write on a card: "How do you feel about nuclear energy?"

Also this week, SN&R hits all the news spots: Bites reports on the Sacramento City Unified School Districts odd new partnership­ with Fox News; Cosmo Garvin interviews new city manager John Shirey, Nick Miller talks about possible excessive police presence at Occupy Sacramento and on the feds' medical-cannabis crackdown in California, and Seth Sandronsky looks at green grads of the Los Rios Community College District.

And in arts & culture news, this fall's fashion theme is grunge. Meets Mad Men. Hmm­ check out local fashion finds courtesy Painfully Hip scribe Amber Mortensen. Also this week: Soup's on in downtown Sacramento, the top-five Sacramento up-and-coming hip-hop emcees get outed, and 369 days of naughty sex moves, for your under-the-covers pleasure.

SN&R Staff