On the naughty list

Kourtney Jason


Natomas journalist Kourtney Jason has compiled the ultimate to-do list—innuendo most definitely intended. Jason wrote her new book, The Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares to Do Before You Die, after retiring from her award-winning sex column in the Chico State University newspaper, The Orion, and spending a few years penning dating advice for Seventeen and Twist magazines. These days, Jason is the senior managing editor for the online magazine Life2PointOh, and she’s gearing up for her first round of book signings for The Naughty Bucket List. Just don’t ask her how many dares she’s completed.

How did you become a sex writer?

It started in college. I’d done news and features for The Orion. My last semester I thought about being the managing editor of the paper, but I didn’t get it, so I thought, “What about a sex column?” They’d had one three years prior that was really popular, but we hadn’t had one since. I thought I could be the one to bring it back, and the editors went for it. It’s been going strong ever since.

Did it take long to come up with 369 naughty bucket list things?

It didn’t take that long. I signed my book contract last October and now it’s October again, and the book’s already out. I turned in my final draft in May. My editor told me to put whatever I wanted down and not to edit myself. I think I had close to 450, and we picked the best ones.

What acts got cut from the list?

I honestly can’t even think of what they were. But I think of more ideas all the time as I go through my normal day-to-day life. Like birthday sex. How did I not put that in there?

Have these ideas been tested by you or?

They have not. I was single when I wrote the book, so that was not ideal. But a lot of my friends were in serious relationships, so they gave me ideas.

How do dates react when they hear you’ve written a book on sex acts?

It scares me to tell people sometimes. It’s cool, but I also don’t want to be thought of a certain way. Men might be like, “Hey, I want some of that!” or “Wait, do I?” All of my friends know about it, of course, and if I’m talking to a cute guy, my friends will say, “She wrote this book!”

And I’m thinking, “Don’t tell him yet! That’s third-date talk. Slow that down.”

Have your parents read the book?

My mom did buy a copy, and I know she’s flipped through it. She wrote a review for me on Amazon, which was really sweet. She wrote, “She’s the next Carrie Bradshaw!” Thanks, Mom!

My stepdad just said, “Why do you have to use your real name? Couldn’t you have used a pen name?” And I’m like, “But I want the attention!”

You suggest nude yoga and naked cooking. Jerry Seinfeld taught us there is “good naked” and “bad naked.” How do you make sure you’re showing “good naked”?

You would have to be aware of the body. It would relate to being a model, I guess, knowing what looks good. You don’t want to be eating a big ol’ roast chicken naked, but a strawberry with whipped cream is sexy. Just think about what you would want to see.

In strip Twister, if the couple is on the mat, who spins the wheel?

I think you’d just have to take a hand off to spin it. I don’t think you’d want a third person there, unless you’re into that. I don’t judge.

What about sleeping with an intern or your best friend’s ex? Some list items would create social fallout.

There definitely has to be discussion with friends. Wait until the intern is no longer your intern—but they still were your intern. There is a disclaimer in the first couple pages about the risks. You could get arrested for some of these. A lot of it is common sense.

You included men with “smaller than average” penises on your list. Have you been getting any thank yous for that?

No, but that would be awesome! Everyone needs love, and everyone has different moves, so size doesn’t matter.

This book compels readers to tally up what they’ve done.

I know! I haven’t even had a chance to go through it and come up with a number yet. People ask me that all the time. “Well, how many have you done?” I don’t even have an estimate. My great aunt emailed my mom and said she’d picked up my book. She said, “I may be too old for this stuff now, but back in the day, I did quite a few of these.” Way to go!