Issue: September 15, 2011

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In this week's feature, Hugh Biggar asks if Sacramento-area high schools are doing enough to safeguard players from football concussions. With a growing body-count of players suffering from the crippling, long-term effects of head injuries, football officials are now--at long last--moving to better protect players, but the changes have started at the top and are trickling down through colleges to the high school level. That's an age when adolescent brains are more vulnerable to brain-rattling hits. Just how well are Sacramento regional high schools dealing with concussion dangers?

In news this week: Has finding help in California split into haves and have-nots? Amy Yannello reports on the two-tiered mental health system. Also this week, Andrew Bell says the future of an Oak Park McDonald's boils down to the drive-thru, and Cosmo Garvin takes a look at city council name calling in Bites.

In Arts&Culture, Lovelle Harris reports on the surprisingly thriving hustle and grind behind Sac's paper zine scene; Greg Lucas gets Thai'd up at three local eateries; Patti Roberts reviews Freud's Last Session at the B Street Theater; and SN&R staff looks at nominees for Sammies in the music video category.

SN&R Staff