Shark Night 3D

Rated 1.0

Seven Tulane University pals (three of whom look great in bikinis) set out for a weekend on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. They’re the standard mix—shy med student, campus queen, star athlete, Hispanic spitfire, videogame nerd, etc.—and unfortunately for them, the waters around their vacation spot have been stocked with a rare species of stereotype-eating shark. Director David R. Ellis and writers Will Hayes and Jesse Studenberg here unveil a new movie genre: sharxploitation, with 3-D booty shots and cheesy CGI in place of real suspense, plus a plot twist involving some lowlife rednecks straight out of a dinner-theater production of Deliverance. The cast is composed almost entirely of eager unknowns looking to build up their résumés—maybe hoping for the luck Tom Hanks had after He Knows You’re Alone.