3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

Rated 2.0

After an unsatisfying marriage, a young couple go their separate ways; he falls in with a libertine tyrant and has a penis transplant from a donkey that makes him the envy of all the concubines, while she resorts to masturbation with a roll of coins and tempting a servant to rape her in her bath. Billed as “the first 3-D erotic movie,” it really isn’t; that prize (and no other) goes to 1969’s justly forgotten The Stewardesses. This Hong Kong opus will no doubt be forgotten just as quickly, but for now it’s certainly a curiosity—at least until it lapses into gross sadism in the last half-hour. The cockamamie story is hard to follow, thanks to one of the lousiest jobs of subtitling in the history of international cinema—the titles are bilingual, too small, too long, and not on the screen long enough.