Rated 2.0

A 9-year-old girl in Colombia witnesses the murder of her parents by drug gansters, then outruns the killers, who are armed with machine guns and riding motorcycles and automobiles. After that things get pretty far-fetched. The girl grows into Zoe Saldana and becomes a professional assassin able to go anywhere, do anything, kill anybody and get away clean, leaving only phony fingerprints behind. Between contract jobs she even has a hobby: wiping out the gang that killed her folks, one by one. Writer-producer Luc Besson, one of the more interesting loose cannons of the movie world, once again indulges his fetish for sexy hit-women. But neither he, co-writer Robert Mark Kamen, nor director Olivier Megaton can drum up much interest this time; it’s all by the numbers, predictable from first frame to last.