Murder most inconvenient

Want to spend an evening with a witty Irish rogue? Pick up Eoin Colfer’s most recent novel, Plugged, and meet Daniel McEvoy. He’s an Irishman who works as a bouncer in New Jersey. He’s homesick for the Emerald Isle, but has reasons to stay in the states. He’s made a few friends and met a girl he just might love—that is, until she turns up dead. Chaos ensues, of the type that forces Daniel to draw upon martial instincts he spent a long time trying to repress. Colfer’s prose does not disappoint. He skillfully delivers the rapid, clever text he’s known for; it’s within the storyline where he deviates from his norm. This comic noir is unlike many Colfer classics, such as Artemis Fowl or The Wish List. There’s almost no mention of the supernatural, except for the snarky ghost that takes a stint in Daniel’s head. Fans of Colfer—or of madcap action-comedy—will not be disappointed.