Too many tomatoes?

It’s definitely becoming fall, yet my garden is finally bountiful with tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes came in around July, but the gorgeous heirlooms didn’t peak until September. Now I’ve got loads of Black Krim and Purple Cherokee weighing down the plants.

I sliced some and put them on a pizza in lieu of sauce, with some zucchini, black olives, and red onion. I’ve also simply diced them and tossed with a little salt and olive oil and spooned the ruby gems over cheesy polenta. Of course, you can’t really beat a BLT made with heirlooms and Bledsoe bacon!

A friend with an even more productive garden has made gallons of marinara and salsa for the winter, and even put her food dehydrator to work to preserve the glut of fruits.

Soon enough, we’ll be longing for the rich, sweet sensation of a fresh tomato, but that will make them all the more enjoyable when they overflow the garden next summer—and fall.