Grow a pear

Try a pair of local pears.

Try a pair of local pears.

The annual Courtland Pear Fair has come and gone (it’s in July each year), but now is actually the ideal time to find fresh, local pears.

The Bartlett, one of the most popular varieties grown in this area, is originally from England, where it is still known as the Williams pear. Seek out some Poire William liqueur for a fruity fall treat. Three quarters of the 4 million boxes—36 pounds each—of pears expected in this year’s California harvest will be Bartletts.

According to president Chris Zanobini, of the Sacramento-based California Pear Advisory Board, “[We’re] one of the oldest commodity boards in the country. Many of our farming families have been growing pears since the very beginnings of the fruit industry in California, and they are still supplying pears today.”

Other local varieties to seek out include the sweet-spicy Bosc; small, sweet Seckel; buttery, cheese-friendly Comice; striking wine-colored Red Pear; and bright yellow, juicy Forelle. Just one medium pear can deliciously provide up to one quarter of your daily fiber goal and a good dose of heart-healthy potassium.