Issue: July 08, 2010


This week in Frontlines, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to kill CalWORKs to save the state a cool $1 billion. But what would that really mean for Sacramento County? Then, what’s worse than being accosted by Christians at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville? Perhaps only the malling of our First Amendment rights. In green news, your sweet Auntie Ruth wonders how to diminish the carbon footprint of all Ludacris’ hoes. And our Homegrown section this week is berry, berry nice.


Indigo Moor has a decade-long history as a spoken-word artist and poet in Sacramento—but while his first book, Tap-Root, created a whisper; the recent one has risen to a shout. In fact, Through the Stonecutter’s Window just won the coveted 2009 Cave Canem Northwestern University Press Poetry Prize and marks another stage in Moor’s progression from respected Sacramento-area poet to a writer of national prominence. And what about that reference to the canine species? Cave canem translates in Latin to “Beware of the dog.”


Do you like the California State Fair? Maybe, yes, sure. But do you like the State Fair enough to be a self-proclaimed State Fair aficionado? A know-it-all? Expert of experts? Well, Rachel Leibrock might refer to herself as such; check out her quintessential guide the 2010 California State Fair. Also this week: Greg Lucas eats big Mexican sandwiches, Jonathan Kiefer inspects Despicable Me, Nick Miller chats with former-Sacramentan, electronica maestro Tycho, and Mosi Reeves goes record hunting with Joey D.