The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Rated 2.0

The “Twilight Saga” continues: What’s a girl to do when her boyfriend (Robert Pattinson) is a vampire and her best pal (Taylor Lautner) is a werewolf? When the girl is impersonated by the boring nonpresence of Kristen Stewart, odds are she’ll do little but stare vacantly at first one then the other, and that’s pretty much what Stewart does—with an occasional stare directed at Billy Burke (once again playing her clueless father) and the whole thing larded over with her soporific narration. Stewart’s vapidity, though, may prove to be an asset: It allows the legions of teenage devotees of Stephenie Meyer’s novels to project themselves into her place, and to imagine being fought over by the hunky Lautner and the wispy, pasty-faced Pattinson. There’s a new director this time (David Slade), to little avail.