Knight and Day

Rated 3.0

A woman minding her own business (Cameron Diaz) gets yanked into the adventures of a smooth-talking spy (Tom Cruise) who may or may not be what he seems. As Hitchcock-and-bull stories go, this one is pretty long on the cock-and-bull and admittedly short on the Hitchcock, substituting wild contrivance for cleverness, and over-the-top action for suspense. Still, director James Mangold keeps spirits high and the touch light, and star chemistry is strong—insouciant Cruise, bewildered Diaz and Peter Sarsgaard dependably clenching his jaw as the maybe-maybe-not bad guy. If Hollywood must grind out big, flashy action comedies with damn-the-logic stories and all the to-hell-with-the-laws-of-physics action that a gazillion dollars worth of CGI can whip up, then they should all be as much fun as this.