Issue: June 13, 2013

Good morning, Chico News & Review readers!

As you might know, National Pollinator Week--June 17 through 23--is fast approaching. In honor of this important awareness-raising week, CN&R contributor Claire Hutkins Seda wrote a wonderful Greenways feature piece, "Pollinator paradise," taking a look at Gateway Science Museum's new pollinator garden and what people can do in general to encourage pollinators--birds, bees, wasps and so on--in their gardens.

In our cover story this week, "Canning way of life" (with a sidebar by News Editor Tom Gascoyne), the author--who is writing under a pseudonym--gives a compelling and well-written account of what it is like to depend on collecting and selling recyclables in order to make ends meet.

The Newslines section leads off with Staff Writer Ken Smith's interesting story--"Farewell, Dorothy"--on the passing of longtime local peace activist Dorothy Parker at age 84. Smith's story is followed by a news story by yours truly, titled "Baby-food fight," which takes a look at the controversy that arose after a nursing mother was asked to cover her breast while feeding her baby recently at the Pour House restaurant. Gascoyne and Calendar Editor Howard Hardee each weigh with news articles covering topics of ongoing interest--the city of Chico's budget woes and huge, illegal pot grows, respectively.

In Healthlines, contributor Evan Tuchinsky offers an informative article, "Facilitating independence," on Independent Living Services of Northern California's many services for disabled individuals.

Head to the Arts and Culture section for Hardee's review of the pub grub at The Banshee ("Grubbin' with class," in Chow), as well as to read contributor Craig Blamer's film-related stories, "Binge and purge" and "Cinema Nor Cal."

Also, take a look at contributor Vic Cantu's 15 Minutes piece in the Opinions section, "Ms. Muscle," in which he does a Q-and-A with 67-year-old Natural Olympia bodybuilding champion Jackie Gerster.

And before you hunker down with the newsprint version of the CN&R (to check out our many Calendar listings for something fun to do, as well see as what Tom Tomorrow is up to this week) and a cup of coffee, read all of the many letters to the editor we received this past week. There were waaaay more than we could fit into the print version.

Summer's on its way!

--Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor