Native fish face extinction

Up to 82 percent of California’s native species at risk due to climate change

Climate change could result in the extinction of a majority of California’s native freshwater fish within the next century, a study finds.

Researchers from the UC Davis found that of 121 native fish species, 82 percent are likely to be driven to low numbers or extinction, ceding habitat to non-native fish, according to a UC Davis press release. During the same time-frame, only 19 percent of California’s 50 non-native fish species face a similar risk. Species requiring cold water, such as salmon and trout, are particularly threatened.

“If present trends continue, much of the unique California fish fauna will disappear and be replaced by alien fishes such as carp, largemouth bass, fathead minnows and green sunfish,” said Peter Moyle, a professor of fish biology at UC Davis.