Issue: June 20, 2013

Good morning, CN&R readers!

I hope the cooler summer weather is to your liking--it certainly makes for pleasant strolls though Bidwell Park, and through your neighborhood. Along those lines, local architect Dave Kelley has contributed an interesting piece, "Life as a house"; it's our cover story this week, and tells of a house near Parkview Elementary School that has a unique history and appearance.

In the Newslines section, Editor Melissa Daugherty penned our lead news story, "Finding a middle ground," on the story that won't go away--the ongoing battle over the location of the Saturday downtown farmers' market. Daugherty attended the late-into-the-night City Council meeting that addressed the issue of whether or not to renew the market's franchise agreement. (Also, read Daugherty's column, Second & Flume, this week, for a glimpse at the softer side of our hard-hitting editor.)

Also in Newslines, and also related to the recent all-day City Council meeting, News Editor Tom Gascoyne's "Tightening the belt" gets into that other story that isn't going away--the state of the city's budget. And Staff Writer Ken Smith's news story, aptly titled "Delta blues," looks at a recently filed lawsuit challenging the controversial Delta Plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Hop over to Greenways and check out contributor Jesse Mills' timely story, "Seed security," on the fledgling Chico Seed Lending Library. Our Healthlines feature this week by contributor Evan Tuchinsky--"Why so high?"--is part one of a two-part story on the hidden costs behind the high prices sometimes charged by hospitals.

In Arts and Culture, contributor Alan Sheckter offers his take on the recent Wayne "The Train" Hancock performance at the Blue Room Theatre ("Twang for your buck"), and Arts DEVO himself offers a hard-hitting handful of paragraphs on the non-concert of rapper Game at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. In Chow, yours truly reviewed the awesome food coming out of the kitchen of the Chico Natural Foods Cooperative, in "Artisan take-out."

Speaking of yours truly, if you want to learn (almost) everything there is to know about pokeweed, turn to my column, The GreenHouse. The city's parks-and-natural-resources manager, Dan Efseaff, even weighs in with his sage, entertaining advice.

Like last week, we received a lot more letters than we could publish in the print version of the CN&R, so do look at those online before you grab a hard copy and settle in with your latte or iced tea. (In our print version, check out Tom Tomorrow--always filled with astute political humor--and the Calendar section, for a slew of upcoming events to fill your days during the first week of summer.)

Carry on!

--Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor