Issue: June 27, 2013

Good morning, Chico News & Review readers!

Before you make plans for how you're going to cope during the upcoming heat wave, check out "People of the park," our photograph-heavy cover piece by CN&R photography intern Melanie MacTavish. MacTavish's excellent photos of people enjoying themselves in Lower Bidwell Park and the creek that runs through it might offer you a few ideas (as well as cool you off vicariously!).

In Newslines, don't miss Calendar Editor Howard Hardee's interesting lead news story, "Fighting for face time," on Butte County Jail's newly proposed video-visitation system. New CN&R intern Ryan Coletti weighs in with "After the flood," covering the recent flooding in the basement and on the first floor of Chico State's Meriam Library, caused by a malfunctioning coffee-vending machine. And News Editor Tom Gascoyne offers yet more budget-related news in "In the money," which looks at the city's reduced funding for arts and community programs.

Be sure to read contributor Claire Hutkins Seda's wonderful Greenways feature story called "'Veggie barracks,'" on the new Veterans Garden Project in the Humboldt Community Garden, as well as contributor Evan Tuchinsky's Healthlines feature, "Overhead overload," the second part of his two-part article about hidden costs that drive up the prices charged by hospitals.

In Arts and Culture, Staff Writer Ken Smith's "No CGI needed" is a fun preview of tomorrow's (June 28) Wanderlust Circus show at the El Rey Theatre, and Arts Editor Jason Cassidy's "That summer feeling" might give you some good ideas for summer jams to while away the upcoming hot days. Also, contributor Henri Bourride offers readers some good Independence Day cooking tips in "Preparations for independence."

By the way, don't miss reading our timely editorials as well as Editor Melissa Daugherty's column, "Second & Flume"--it's full of juicy goodness about the goings on at the last City Council meeting.

Lastly (broken record here, I know), read all the letters to the editor online before you settle down with our print version of the CN&R, which could fit only a portion of those many letters. The hard copy is also the place to go for our abundance of Calendar listings--take a look!

At least it won't be as hot in Chico as it's going to be in Death Valley--

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor