Steeped in the garden

Grow your own tea

There are many flavorful and healthful leaves and flowers that would be a great addition to your garden, and to your teapot. Always clean your teas before steeping, and when in doubt check with a doctor before ingesting something new (especially if you’re pregnant or taking medication).

Herb                  Smell/Flavor          Benefits

Anise-hyssop  licorice             digestion, soothes cough

Chamomile    mild vegetative    calming

Mint             mint             relieves indigestion

Bergamot    mild orange        relieves gas/indigestion

Rose hips    mild rose, tart fruit   immune boost

Lemon balm   lemon, sweet     calming

Rosemary     rosemary      boosts memory, alertness

Borage        cucumber      “herb of gladness”