Issue: May 23, 2013

Good morning, readers:

This week's cover story is about an up-and-coming mountain-bike racer named Kyle Warner. The 20-year-old Chicoan is involved in a newer type of racing called enduro and is poised to potentially break into the top-10 racers in the world this season.

In Newslines this week, Staff Writer Ken Smith has a write-up on the storied career of CN&R Editor Robert Speer and his departure from the newspaper after more than 30 in various roles here, including helping to establish the paper. Yours truly looks into the disappearance of Vicki Pyrskalla 17 years ago, and the recent announcement that her DNA matches that of a Jane Doe found just months after she vanished. Contributor Vic Cantu has a write-up on the recent stand off at the Berry Creek Rancheria's tribal headquarters. And Speer heads to a very long City Council meeting, during which the panel discussed the so-called "sit/lie ordinance" as well as the city's money woes.

In Greenways, you'll read a story by Claire Hutkins Seda about how you may want to think twice before killing your weeds.

In Healthlines, Evan Tuchinsky talks to a Chico native who discovered a phenomena known as dark lightning.

In the Arts this week, Mark Lore interviews Kinski guistarist-vocalist Chris Martin, following the release of a new album. Willow Sharkey checks out a group show at MANAS. And Juan-Carlos gives us his take on the new Star Trek film.


-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor