For a WNV-free horse

Butte County Public Health urges horse owners to vaccinate for WNV

As summer approaches, Butte County horse owners are urged to get their equines vaccinated for West Nile virus.

The mosquito-borne virus is often deadly for horses, and there are several safe, effective vaccination options for horse owners in preparation for mosquito season, according to a Butte County Public Health press release. Owners should discuss vaccination options with their veterinarian, and all previously vaccinated horses need a booster shot each spring prior to mosquito season.

Symptoms can include stumbling; drooping head; drooping lips, lip smacking and grinding teeth; general weakness; muscle twitching and tremors; hypersensitivity to touch or sound; fever, inability to rise; convulsions; and coma.

Last year, 22 horses in California were confirmed positive for WNV, eight of which died either from the virus or euthanasia. Go to for more info on WNV.