Motorcycle man

Rick Haner

Rick Haner started riding a motorcycle when he was just 12 years old and is a member and co-founder of the Ishi chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club here in Chico. The organization is hosting its fifth annual Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet on Sunday, May 26, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Manzanita Place (aka the Elks Lodge). The Antique Motorcycle Club is a large organization, boasting more than 11,000 members across the United States, according to It encourages members to own, restore, preserve and study antique motorcycles, defined as bikes at least 35 years old.

When did you find your passion with motorcycles?

I started riding … 44 years ago. I started racing dirt bikes, and then it progressed from there. I own more than several motorcycles. Ones that run? Probably 12 that I can think of, and they’re not all antique motorcycles.

What do you do as a club?

We have weekly meetings, we organize rides, we organize special events; we did an air show. We have swap meets. The old motorcycles we show have parts that, if you don’t need, you can sell. It’s a family event. We take rides like, for instance, we took a ride to have lunch and come back, and it’s similar to a bicycle ride or a walk.

What goes on at a show and swap meet?

Last year we had 60 motorcycles, and we have a best-of-show award, which is the people’s choice. We only had one award last year. This year we have three. So it’ll basically be the show, the best of the people’s choice, and the swap meet will be for if any member or individual no longer needs something, they’re welcome to bring them to try and sell them. People can come and look at the motorcycles. If they need one more part to finish a motorcycle, they can find it.

What will the public find at the meet?

Machines made from 1907 to 1970 or so. So anyone wanting to know about any of those motorcycles can come. We can explain who made them and what they’ve done. There’s a guy, he has an 1890-to-1920 collection, and they all run.

Do you feel there are misconceptions about motorcycle clubs?

I definitely do. I think Hollywood has dramatized it quite a bit, and it’s not everything it’s portrayed to be in the negative sense. For the most part, [motorcycle clubs include] individuals who just like to enjoy the riding and have fun.