Issue: May 02, 2013

Hello, CN&R friends. It's Thursday, the sun is out, and (hopefully)

the wind has died down. Time to pick up today's paper and see what

your community is up to and then get outside and join in the fun.

For this week's cover story, news editor Tom Gascoyne gives a

cops-eye view of the city of Chico. He went on two ride-alongs and

interviewed the chief of police and paints a picture of what it's like

to protect and serve at a time when diminishing budgets are making

covering the city increasingly difficult. And in other local news,

Howard Hardee reports on a huge pot bust in Butte County, and Vic

Cantu checks in on the "sit/lie" ordinance (which would outlaw

sitting or lying on public sidewalks) that the city council will be

debating at its upcoming meeting as part of its efforts to deal with

homeless transiency issues.

In the Greenways and Healthlines sections this week, Jesse Mills

uncovers the long farming history at the GRUB CSA Farm's new piece

of land, and Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia talks to local

acupuncturist Adrian Baume about his microcurrent electroacupuncture

practice that uses low frequencies of electric current and no needles!

In Arts & Culture, California Regional Theater's production of

Seussical: The Musical gets a rave; arts editor Jason Cassidy

communes with local jammers for a gratifying weekend of music making

at The Convergence; and we take a look at the why Americans

categorize their wines by variety of grape instead of growing region.

Have a great week!

-Jason Cassidy, arts editor