Travelin’ Blues

Famous local accordion-playing, lariat-twirling, joke-cracking, singing (and yodeling) cowboy Sourdough Slim is a real piece of work, in the very best sense of the phrase. Slim’s new album, Travelin’ Blues, is pure bliss for those of us who can’t get enough of the thoroughly likeable guy. Though this is technically a solo album, Slim is joined by the fabulous Robert Armstrong (on banjo, steel guitar, soprano ukulele, jug and saw), whom fans know from earlier Slim CDs, Live from the Strawberry Music Festival and Oh, Sweet Mama!. Seven of the album’s 17 tunes are Slim originals, including the superlative, funny “I Like to Yodel” and his soothing “Western Skies.” His take on Jimmie Rodgers’ “T for Texas” is one of those songs you’d wear out if this was an actual vinyl record. And then there’s the breezy “Everybody Does it in Hawaii,” by Rodgers and Elsie McWilliams, the sister of Rodgers’ second wife, which features Slim on “mouth trumpet.” In case you’ve missed one of Slim’s occasional Paradise performances, this is your opportunity to catch up. Go to and get a copy today.