Issue: May 09, 2013

Good morning, readers:

In this week's cover story, our annual Family Issue, you'll meet three very different families, all of whom are extremely inspiring. You'll read about Randy and Samantha Eitel, a young couple with twin toddlers who were separated just a few days after the birth of the children when Randy was deployed to Afghanistan. You'll also meet Anna Binyon, a Chico mom who is helping her young boys engage in the world by limiting their exposure to screens (as in TV, computer, tablet, etc). And you'll also meet the Garcias, Domingo and Irene, who love children so much that they've taken in through foster care--and adoption--many, many children in need of a loving, structured home.

Speaking of foster care, in Newslines this week, staff writer Ken Smith interviews two 20-year-old former foster kids who are working through Youth for Change to better the lives of the foster youths currently in the system and those to come. News Editor Tom Gascoyne has a story about the forthcoming construction in Chico of a new Butte County courthouse. Contributor Jesse Mills has a write-up on a talk by federal officials on keeping kids safe from cyber predators. And Editor Robert Speer headed to a very long Chico City Council meeting, during which talks about the future of the Chico Certified Farmers' Market petered out without a solution.

In Healthlines, there's a piece by Evan Tuchinsky on a local woman who specializes in placenta encapsulation, a service she admits has a "squeamish factor." And in Greenways, gardening pro Carla Resnick provides some tips for natural pest control in the garden.

In Arts this week, check out Ken Smith's feature on a new Chico music venue called Dex that does a lot more than offer a space to play. Calendar Editor Howard Hardee reviews Nicki Bluhm's performance at the Big Room. Food critic Henri heads to Gogi's for some Indian grub. And film critic Craig Blamer gives us his take on the third Iron Man installment.


-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor