BPA removed from toxins list

State court issues injunction to remove BPA from Prop 65 toxins list

After a brief appearance on California’s list of reproductive toxins, bisphenol-A has been removed due to a preliminary injunction issued by the Superior Court of Sacramento County.

As the CN&R previously reported, California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment added BPA to the list of reproductive toxins under Proposition 65 on April 11; on April 19, OEHHA announced it had removed BPA from the list, according to an email from Colleen Flannery, an OEHHA spokeswoman. The injunction was issued in part due to “limited scientific evidence” that BPA is indeed a toxin. However, as the injunction is preliminary, the possibility remains for it to be lifted following appeal or a full trial.

Meanwhile, Canada officially added BPA to its list of chemicals deemed potentially harmful to health and the environment. BPA—found in plastic bottles, food-can liners and dental sealants—has been linked to developmental and reproductive disorders.