The greatest blessing

Inspiring locals spotlighted in annual Family Issue

Eighteenth-century English poet and essayist Joseph Addison once wrote that “the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.” It’s certainly hard to argue with that sentiment. For many people, family means home, security and loyalty.

But parenting in today’s world is more complex than ever. In our second annual Family Issue, you’ll read about three families who have worked to overcome their unique parenting challenges.

You’ll meet Randy Eitel, a National Guardsman who was deployed overseas two days after his wife, Samantha, gave birth to their twins. Chico mom Anna Binyon shares the efforts she and her husband have taken to keep their young sons engaged with the world, rather than glued to a screen. And then there’s Paradise couple Domingo and Irene Garcia, whose love of children is so great that they have opened their home to dozens, many with special needs.

We hope you enjoy reading about these inspiring local families.