Issue: May 30, 2013

Good morning, Chico News & Review readers!

Before I get into the juicy details of some of the highlights of this week's CN&R, let me introduce myself. As you likely know, the person who used to write this newsletter, former Managing Editor Melissa Daugherty, is now the editor of the newspaper. I, Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia (formerly Greenways/Healthlines Editor) am now Associate Editor and, as such, the one who will pen this newsletter from now on.

So, let's get down to business: Our cover story this week, "Market instability," written by yours truly, takes a good look at the current, frustrating-to-many situation of the popular downtown Saturday-morning farmers' market, which after 20 years of being in the same location at Third and Wall streets, still cannot claim it as a permanent home. Editor Melissa Daugherty also offers food for thought regarding the complicated farmers'-market situation in an editorial, "An opportunity lost."

In Newslines, News Editor Tom Gascoyne weighs in with three stories, including the lead news story, "Pot grades," taking a look at Butte County's attempt to get assistance from the state's regional water board regarding the negative environmental impact of large local marijuana grows. Calendar Editor Howard Hardee's news story, "No beer, no business," highlights the plight of Charanjiv Singh, a local mini-mart owner that was denied a liquor license in the wake of Chico's tenser atmosphere surrounding the consumption of alcohol.

In Healthlines, contributor Evan Tuchinsky's story, "The health of a community," discusses the Community Health Needs Assessment currently being conducted by Butte County Public Health and three local hospitals. And in Greenways, contributor Meredith J. Graham takes a look at the decline of the monarch butterfly, and the upcoming Butte County butterfly count, in "End of a reign."

In the Arts and Culture section, do look at contributor Alan Sheckter's review/preview story, "Festive days ahead," in which he reviews the recent BottleRock Napa Valley music festival and offers a preview of a heap of exciting area music fests. And in Reel World, Craig Blamer offers "A month of mayhems," his uniquely Blamer-esque take on summer blockbusters in the month of June. While you're immersed in the Arts section, do not miss reading Arts DEVO's astounding version of Bambi, Shingletown-style (Warning: not for the squeamish).

And, don't forget to read our new editor's new column, "Second & Flume," which is where her new office will be once things settle down a bit.

Of course, there's plenty more: Pick up a hard copy of the CN&R, relax over a cup of something yummy--and enjoy!

-Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor