Ski resorts for climate action

Ski areas push Congress to take bold stance on climate change

Ski areas across the nation are calling on Congress to take a bold stance on climate change.

A total of 115 ski areas in 24 states signed the Climate Declaration, which was also signed by 40 other American businesses and a coalition of large investors and public-interest groups that maintain addressing climate change is “one of America’s greatest economic opportunities of the 21st century,” according to Environment News Service.

The ski areas charge that tackling climate change is in the best interest of their industry, which produces roughly $12.2 billion in annual revenue and generates about 160,000 jobs.

“It is obvious that the success of ski business operations depends greatly on climate, which is why we are so invested in programs that keep our slopes sustainable,” said Brent Giles, chief sustainability officer for Utah-based POWDR Corp. “But our actions alone won’t be enough without strong policies.”