Angry History Podcast

For all the people out there who hate it when pop culture gets the facts wrong, Angry History Podcast should be in your listening queue. I was surprised to learn that quite a few people walked out of the theater after seeing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter actually thinking that Lincoln had been a vampire hunter. Whether that means our schools are failing us or we’re just that dumb, I’m not sure—but it does point to the power of film, television and other media to alter our views of history. The guys behind Angry History Podcast, Dean Karayanis and Owen Moogan, share a love of history, and both have backgrounds in journalism and media. The podcast, launched earlier this year, airs monthly. Topics have ranged from presidential misquotes to an oft-repeated lie alleging Winston Churchill allowed British civilians to die during World War II to further his own agenda. Karayanis and Moogan aren’t the most charismatic talk-show hosts—their super-nerdiness is hard to overlook—but their enthusiasm for the subject matter and the way in which they present it has been more than enough to keep me listening.