Norm Macdonald Live

Ever since his early days on Saturday Night Live, Norm Macdonald has tickled me pink. His dry, dry humor, his ability to laugh at his own failed attempt at a joke, his utterly deadpan delivery: It all hits me right in the funny spot. So, when good ol’ Norm launched his podcast in March, I immediately subscribed. Available as both a video (on the Video Podcast Network, YouTube and iTunes) and an audio podcast (iTunes), Norm Macdonald Live is an exercise in discomfort. Macdonald, along with his sidekick, Adam Eget, hosts the weekly show that features a celebrity guest—ranging from fellow comedians Kevin Nealon, Tom Green and Russell Brand to, of all people, Larry King—who gives the host interview advice. Macdonald is as self-deprecating as ever, referring often to his recent weight gain and difficulty with the ladies. The loosely segmented hour-long show includes guest interviews, discussion of current events, and a closing bit during which everyone takes turns reading really bad jokes. I’m optimistic that, with only a handful of episodes under his belt, Macdonald will continue to find his rhythm, especially if he keeps attracting such an eclectic mix of guests.