Call Chelsea Peretti

Comedy fans probably know Chelsea Peretti, either from her Comedy Central appearances or cameos in shows like Louie and Kroll Show. Now you can talk to her, too! The funnywoman launched her weekly podcast, Call Chelsea Peretti, about six months ago and it is pretty much what it sounds like—listeners call in and then, well, the magic happens. Sometimes the callers bring ideas of their own, or follow up on previous conversations, but other times Peretti picks the topic. Usually it’s something about murder, being punched in the face or her “food test,” which is basically Peretti listing a bunch of random foods to the caller to find out if their personalities are compatible. A recent episode with Adam Scott (Peretti used to write Parks and Recreation, in which he stars) features a ridiculously long, but particularly funny discussion of favorite snacks. (Teaser: Tune in to find out Scott’s personal Trader Joe’s snack recipe.) Be warned that her first few podcasts suffer from a lack of direction and her nasally voice borders on annoying. By episode three, however, the comedienne finds her way and her rhythm and the real Chelsea Peretti comes out to play.