The Truth

Having grown up in the age of television, the idea of radio dramas always intrigued me. Apparently, the folks behind The Truth podcast also were intrigued, enough to launch their own radio-drama show. The tagline is “Movies for your ears,” and it couldn’t be more appropriate. Stories range from sci-fi to comedy, and some—like “They’re Made Out of Meat,” by Terry Bisson—feature interviews with the writers. More often than not, though, the biweekly podcasts are created by The Truth staff, recorded on location with improvised dialogue and then edited in the studio. What results are fun, short bits of fiction perfect for listening to during your morning commute, at work, or while doing chores around the house. I particularly enjoyed “Happy New Year,” a sentimental story of a mostly failed New Year’s Eve party, and “Moon Graffiti,” the show’s inaugural episode that re-imagines the events of the first moon landing. Each episode of fiction is a pretty great way to spend 15 minutes. You can subscribe through iTunes, and if you have more time, you can check out the archives at and hear the whole Truth.