Totally Married

Don’t let the fact that this podcast is listed in the Kids & Family section on iTunes fool you into thinking it’s hosted by a couple of old fuddy-duddy therapists talking about love and wedded bliss. Married couple Elizabeth Laime and Andy Rosen are the first to admit they’re totally unqualified to give advice (but they give it anyway), and their conversation topics aren’t limited to issues related to marriage. But therein lies the beauty of Totally Married. Laime and Rosen make an amazing team—they’re at once funny, serious, empathic and ruthless. In a word, they’re real, and their real-life marriage and relationships as a young thirtysomething couple serve as the basis for this, their second podcast. (I highly recommend their comedy-interview show Totally Laime as well.) They tackle topics as wide-ranging as proposals, masturbation, fertility, adult friendships and helping a loved one through a tragedy. They devote half of each episode to listener questions, and their advice, while sometimes a bit silly, is always well-reasoned and honest. It’s kind of like listening to a couple of friends chatting with unusual openness about real things, funny and serious, that most of us have dealt with—or will—at some time or another.