It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Thursdays, 10 p.m., FX

One of the most entertaining aspects of what is now cable TV’s longest-running live-action comedy has always been its giddy willingness to cross every boundary of good taste. Last season’s It’s Always Sunny premier ended with troll-like patriarch Frank (played by the troll-like Danny Devito) proposing to his regular hooker before dumping her body in the hallway after her heart promptly gives out thanks to a day-long crack-smoking binge. Though it might be hard to believe for the uninitiated, that episode was hilarious, and so was this season’s debut, which found the morally bankrupt gang scheming as they searched for the supposed Nazi treasure of Dennis and Dee’s ex-Nazi grandpa. As usual, the crew of five (rounded out by wannabe badass Mac and the endearingly dumb Charlie)—who collectively run Paddy’s Pub, the “worst bar in Philadelphia”—backstab one another and suffer a range of humiliations on the way to the usual climax of disappointment. Rotten soup is ingested. Unnecessary oral surgery is performed. And memories of Nazi-youth summer camp are revisited. Another hilarious start to a new season.

Thursdays, 10 p.m., on FX.