Issue: October 18, 2012

CN&R Readers, the word this week is: Poetry!

Poem takeover

It's time

A line, a break

Your verses sent to press

Top story: your words, ninety-nine

Or less

What better way to come down from the excitement of our big Best of

Chico issue than by enjoying several lines of verse written by you,

the readers. The results of the annual Poetry 99 issue are in, and we

have all the winners in this week's issue. And, as a bonus, tonight,

Oct. 18, at 7 p.m., at Lyon Book's, the poets will be on hand to read

their pieces at live reading/celebration.

In Newslines: With the election season heating up, we take a close

look at what Props 34 and 36 will mean for California's death penalty

and three-strikes laws, respectively. Also, news editor Tom Gascoyne

checks in on Sacramento Valley Mirror editor Tim Crews and the recent

coverage that his lawsuit with Glenn County has garnered from Los

Angeles Times and Huffington Post.

In Greenways this week, Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia looks in on a

workshop for cultivating edible perrenials that grow well in Chico,

while in Healthlines, Evan Tuchinsky writes about Enloe Children's

Health Center transferring ownership to Northern Valley Indian Health.

In Arts and Culture, we review Inspire School of Arts and Sciences

wonderful production of the classic Broadway comedy, You Can't Take

it With You as well as the riveting new Ben Affleck-directed thriller

Argo. We also highlight the new all-vegan bakery in town, Chico

Baking Co. and settle in for a drink at the bar wth

metal-guitarist-turned-acoustic crooner, Lish Bills.

Have a great weekend!

-Jason Cassidy, arts editor