Issue: October 11, 2012

Good morning, readers!

This is the big day. The readers have spoken ... and we've spent hours and hours tallying the votes. Now is the time for the big reveal of the Best of Chico 2012 winners. In addition to the readers' picks, be sure to check out the CN&R editors' picks.

Best of Chico is the centerpiece of this week's paper, but the issue also includes our regular coverage of news and arts and entertainment.

In Newslines, check out what happened during the most recent Chico City Council candidates forums, held back to back on Monday and Tuesday evenings. There is also an update on Butte County's realignment program. You'll also read about the suspects in a string of violent crimes, and how one of them is still on the loose.

In Greenways this week, read about new research on mercury-containing albacore tuna and the recommendations on its consumption by children. And in Healthlines, take a peek into the obesity rate.

In the Arts and Culture, read about the wonderful films and other programs at the Focus Film Festival, which kicks off tonight at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Also, see the write up on The Fix, Chico State's new musical-theater production.

This is our biggest issue of the year, a massive 80-page paper filled with community happenings, news and features. Enjoy!

-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor