Logue drops a race

Assemblyman Dan Logue pulls out of state Senate run

Acting on his doctor’s orders, Assemblyman Dan Logue (pictured) is ending his run for the 4th District Senate seat vacated by Doug LaMalfa in August. Logue will continue his effort for re-election to his 3rd District Assembly seat. In a press release, Logue explained that antibiotics he’d been taking had damaged his kidneys. His doctor told him if he didn’t stop the medication and rest for six weeks, Logue could do severe damage to the organs.

Campaigning across the large 4th District, which includes Butte County, would prove too rigorous, Logue said. So he’s sticking to a single campaign to try to retain his seat against Democratic challenger Charles Rouse of Corning.

Logue and Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) were running a less-than-cordial race to gain LaMalfa’s empty seat in a sign of the ongoing political gash in the North State Republican Party. But in a press release Nielsen said his wished Logue a “full recovery.”