Pump prices trend skyward

Chico is no exception to California’s record-breaking gas prices

Chico saw gas prices surge at an alarming rate last week as California’s pump rates soared to an all-time high.

The average gallon of gas in California has never cost more, peaking at $4.67 (also the most expensive gallon of gas in the nation) on Monday, Oct. 8., according to The Associated Press. Drivers in Chico felt the pinch as retail gas prices rose by 43.1 cents a gallon to an average of $4.52 at deadline on Wednesday, according to GasBuddy.com. The weekend’s gas prices were 80 cents higher than the same time last year and 45 cents higher than a month ago.

Gov. Jerry Brown mandated an early switch to a dirtier—but less expensive—“winter blend” of gasoline in response to the record-high prices. California usually switches to the different blend on Oct. 31.