Safe and sound

Runaway teen Claudialy Cardenas returns on her own

Claudialy Estrella Villalobos Cardenas, the Hamilton City teenager who went missing on Sept. 6, is safe and back home.

The family of the Hamilton High School sophomore announced that she returned home last Thursday (Sept. 27), three weeks to the day after she vanished from the front yard of her Main Street house.

According to Glenn County Sheriff’s Office Det. Greg Felton, the teenager was indeed a runaway, as GCSO had suspected. Felton, who has since interviewed Cardenas, said she returned because she wanted to spend her 16th birthday with her mother.

She was picked up at the Greyhound bus station in Sacramento.

While the family has asked for privacy in the matter, Felton said Cardenas planned to run away on her own and she returned unscathed. “She was never any victim of any crime or anything,” he said.