Not your average police call

Chico police and state Fish and Game capture and release a wayward bear

A 300-pound adult bear kept Chico Police Department officers busy during the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 23, as it roamed a residential neighborhood off Springfield Drive, just north of WinCo.

The bear was trapped in an elderly resident’s garage after police followed it through the east-Chico neighborhood, where it climbed a tree and several backyard fences, according to a CPD press release. Officers momentarily lost sight of the bear and found it in a narrow side yard, where they shot it with two beanbags, driving it into an open garage door.

Officers closed the door and had the elderly resident leave her home as California Department of Fish and Game responded and shot the bear twice with a tranquilizer gun. The bear was loaded into a Fish and Game truck, tagged for tracking and safely released in the mountains east of Chico.