Best of Chico 2012

Celebrating all that makes Chico tops

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Welcome to the CN&R’s Best of Chico 2012. As you can tell this is one of the most popular special issues we publish.

Readers enjoy it because they like to see whether their favorites did well in the voting. Advertisers like it because they know it will be highly read, and also because in many cases their businesses do well in the voting. And we at the CN&R like it because it gives us so much insight into the sheer variety and remarkable quality of the goods and services and other cool things in Chico.

As usual, we begin with our readers’ selections for the Best of Chico. That’s followed by our editors’ picks, a collection of some of the best things we’ve noticed about Chico this year.

We thank our advertisers for all they do to support this independent community newsmagazine and our readers for patronizing those advertisers and for picking up and reading the CN&R each week. You’re all the best!