Throw away this lemon

Proposition 33 is just a retread of an earlier loser, 2010’s Proposition 17

Remember Proposition 17 on the November 2010 ballot? That was the lemon that would have allowed auto insurance companies to charge higher rates for drivers whose coverage had been interrupted for any reason. It was soundly defeated, but now it’s back as Proposition 33 on the November ballot. Its new coat of paint can’t hide its defects.

As before, the man behind the measure is billionaire George Joseph, owner of the giant Mercury Insurance, who has donated more than $16 million to the Prop. 33 campaign. His goal: to make more money, of course. If 33 passes, it will allow him to cherry-pick the customers he wants and raise rates for millions of California motorists, many of whom have perfect driving records,

All of California’s major newspapers oppose this measure. So do we. Vote no on Proposition 33.